Welcome the official page of IXSXI: A global translation application. 

IXSXI. The latest, most beautiful chat application available today for iOS and Android. 

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IXSXI is a groundbreaking, new messaging-application that automatically translates your messages for you in realtime as you text.

Do you have a friend, business associate, colleague, or family member that you want to communicate with, but can’t because they speak a different language? Now those language barriers no longer exist!  With IXSXI, you and your chat partner can message in each of your preferred languages while IXSXI does the translating for you, allowing for an easier and simpler messaging experience.

Communicate with an overseas retailer, an international business associate, a family member in a different country, a friend you met while traveling, or any other person you may know who speaks a different language than you do. How about if you travel to foreign destination? IXSXI is the perfect travel companion, making sure your never lost in translation. Or just use IXSXI to learn a new language.

You can change your preferred language any time you choose. Go to the language selection screen and choose the language you want your application to be displayed in, and it changes instantly. Your incoming messages will now be translated into your newly selected language.

IXSXI is not just a translating messenger. It’s a new messaging platform with an elegant interface that can be used just like any other chat application. With the touch of a button, you can disable or enable the translation feature of the application.

…No language barriers: